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  • Cancer Update

    Last November, and again this month, I had CT scans, and it turns out my cancer (Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma) has been growing. (If you haven’t known me for long and didn’t know I have cancer, the timeline and in particular the video might be a useful introduction.) I now have lumps of significant…

  • Quick one: using download attribute on links to save Canvas as PNG

    One of the things I always liked about Firefox is that you can right-click any canvas and select “save image as”. Chrome and others don’t do that (well, Chrome doesn’t). Instead you need to get the image data, create a url and open a new tab or something in that order. One very…

  • 10 Year Blogaversary

    10 years ago today, I started blogging. At the time, I thought I was rather late to the blogging party. In hindsight, it seems not. Since then, through one change of host (thanks, Mozillazine!), there have been 1,463 posts (including this one), and 11,486 comments. Huge thanks to everyone who’s…

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